NetGear USB Wireles Adaptor

Say, the adaptor is deployed on Windows 10 desktop workstation. Model number is WNA3100 ( Wireless N-300 USB adaptor) .
This has suddenly stopped picking up any WiFi devices. I have even made my cellphone into a HotSpot and near the device, it doesn't pick it up.
Kindly advise.
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Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
Drivers available at:

Wifi enabled/disabled can usually be found under the notifications area next to your clock - should be a network icon (either a monitor with cable or some expanding semi-circle lines) - click on this and it should show if Wifi is enabled in Windows.

I would try updating the drivers from the manufacturer's website (link above). If it's still not working try the dongle in another computer if you're able to - if it's still the same issue I would look to replace the dongle, if it works fine then it's an issue with your machine itself. When the dongle stops working does the light on the device stay on?
Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
I take i there's no Wifi networks been shown on the Windows Wifi panel at all? Is the WiFi on Windows enabled?
Does the device have a light on it? I know some WiFi dongles do to indicate they have power/are working.

In this situation I would start with some basic diagnosis:

1. Try the device in a different USB port (could be USB port having issues)
2. Try the device in a different computer (if working on that but not on your computer then there's a fault with your USB ports/computer)
3. Reinstall drivers for the device (in case drivers are corrupted)
4. Check device manager to see if the computer is seeing the device, it should also indicate if it's disabled or having a problem.

If it doesn't work after all that the device is probably broken and needs replacing.
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
Is the WiFi on Windows enabled? Where does one check this.
A light is displayed on the device but an error occurs with USB port when removing and re-inserting.
Please can you direct me to device drivers to try reinstall? Tx SW
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
Say, moved the wifi dongle to another slot and worked perfectly and immediately for a few hours. Now same harware error/issue with device....
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