DO loop through field names ending in a numeric

Hello Experts,

I have a RPGLE question concerning looping though field names instead of having multiple routines with each field name.

Exp.   I have field names FIELD1, FIELD2, FIELD3, etc.   I know in the past(I've been away from AS/400 for years) I would use a DOU loop something like this.

DOU I = 10
FIELD,I      CHAIN    FILE       99

How do I do that in RPGLE?

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Phillip KnoxSenior Systems AnalystCommented:
In free form or RPGIV?
Phillip KnoxSenior Systems AnalystCommented:
In your example, it looks like you're chaining with an array element?
MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Define the field1, field2, field3 etc in a Datastructure and do an overlay with an array
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CompTech810Author Commented:
RPGLE.   In the example it should, from what I remember, it places the number at the end of FIELD, so if it is in it's first loop the field name would be FIELD1, then next loop FIELD2, etc.   I wish I had that old code I did.   I'm thinking Murphey is close to what I did, this was in RPGIV a long time ago.
MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Oke CompTech810

Here is some code in good old RPG :-)
D FieldsDs        Ds                                       
D Field01                       10A                        
D Field02                             Like(Field01)        
D Field03                             Like(Field01)        
D Field04                             Like(Field01)        
D Field05                             Like(Field01)        
D Field06                             Like(Field01)        
D Field07                             Like(Field01)        
D Field08                             Like(Field01)        
D Field09                             Like(Field01)        
D Field10                             Like(Field01)        
D Field                               Like(Field01) Dim(10)
D                                     Overlay(FieldDs)

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Or if you like in fullfree, it must be look like this:
Dcl-Ds FieldDs;                                    
     Field01 Char(10);                               
     Field02 Like(Field01);                          
     Field03 Like(Field01);                          
     Field04 Like(Field01);                          
     Field05 Like(Field01);                          
     Field06 Like(Field01);                          
     Field07 Like(Field01);                          
     Field08 Like(Field01);                          
     Field09 Like(Field01);                          
     Field10 Like(Field01);                          
     Field   Like(Field01)    

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CompTech810Author Commented:
Thanks!  I really thought there was an easier solution that I did in the past.
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