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shrink / remove unneeded partition on Windows ESXI v6.5 VM

I expanded the wrong disk on my ESXi v6.5 VM.  I now have an unused partition on my Window Server's C: drive..  Do I just remove the unused partition in Disk Management and then shrink the VM disk?  It's a cosmetic thing at this point and just want it gone.
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VMware converter is support to work as well.
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Maybe I should just expend the disk and not worry about it?   My iSCSI volume is thin provisioned and it won't actually use the storage...
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I almost feel like all of this is too much work.  It's Storage not being used...  Right?  If it thin provisioned the actual blocks aren't written to...  So...  My storage appliance isn't calculating / wasting it.  Right ?
That's a very good question, (and really news a new question!) but if it's thin provision, it depends if the blocks in the partition, we changed from a zero to a one.

Has the size of the Thin Virtual Disk changed ?

if it does not match the sizes within the OS Partitions, then it's not being used!
It's using lazy zero in ESXi but thin provisioned on the Storage appliance itself...  I'll check both...
Ok...  I'll know tonight when reports generate but it seems it's not using actual space..  If that's the case I'll just let it be cosmetic.
These are valid steps to accomplish this, however, it seems my storage array hasn't written the actual blocks yet.