Random sample of words from a Word document

Hi experts!

I am writing a Word VBA macro to show various Grade Level indexes and one of them requires a random sample of 150 words from a Word doc. What would be the best way to randomly choose those 150 words?

Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAsked:
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Martin LissConnect With a Mentor Retired ProgrammerCommented:
Here is code that will do that.
Sub RandomWords()
Dim colWords As New Collection
Dim intWord As Integer
Dim x As Integer
Const MAX = 150

With ThisDocument
    Do Until colWords.count = MAX
        intWord = Int((MAX - 1 + 1) * Rnd + 1)
        On Error Resume Next
        colWords.Add .Words(intWord), .Words(intWord)
        On Error GoTo 0
End With

For intWord = 1 To MAX
    Debug.Print colWords(intWord)

End Sub

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You should also place the command Randomize somewhere in your code where it only will be done once.
Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi Martin!

I tried this and it didn't work. Is some code missing, you DIM x but x isn't used anywhere in the macro.
Martin LissRetired ProgrammerCommented:
The x variable isn't needed.

When you say "it didn't work", what do you mean? Did you get an error message?
Did you look in the Immediate Window via Ctrl+g?

Open the attached doc, go to 'ThisDiocument' and run the macro that you'll find there. (You should insert a module and move the code there. And until you add the Randomize line the results will probably always be  the same.
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Martin LissRetired ProgrammerCommented:
Oh, in that sample I just posted you'll need to change the Const to something less than 150 since there aren't 150 words in the doc.
Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Interesting. When I run it from THIS DOCUMENT it works but when I run the exact same code from a MODULE in my NORMAL.DOT it just churns. Is the reference to THIS DOCUMENT the problem?
Martin LissRetired ProgrammerCommented:
Yes, change ThisDocument to ActiveDocument.Content
Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I tweaked it as you said and it works. Now I am just going to play around with it since it is slow. Have a great day.
Martin LissRetired ProgrammerCommented:
In that case look for samples of code that use a Dictionary object rather than the Collection object.

In any case you’re welcome and I’m glad I was able to help.

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