vlookup mail merge?

I am looking for a solution to help speed up the creation of shipping labels for some repeat work we do.  For this customer we are required to label each pallet or bin with specific information and in most cases there are close to 100 different labels required.

For each "Station" there are between 1-5 different line items that I would want to show up on each label.  So i guess what i am asking is whether or not there is a way to use an excel style vlookup to determine what shows up on each label or if there is another better way i could do this?

examples attached.


Denten McDougallAsked:
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Not really. Mail merge needs a table-like input such as a spreadsheet, a Word  table, a data base table or a non-hierarchical query

However,  the datasource has a ConnectString property and a QueryString property, so it might be possible to create a complex query that will contain subqueries to emulate the  VLookups and use its SQL for the QueryString.

Alternatively, you could use VBA to create a temporary  intermediate spreadsheet and to run the  merge from that.

Either It would be more work than is justified by a question here,  It sounds like a candidate for a gig,.
Matt NicholasBusiness AnalystCommented:
Hi Denten,

From what I can see you have your data in Excel and also each label is indicated by the orders per station

Just add your data to a pivot table (CTRL+A and insert pivot table). Use the quantity in the values field of the pivot, PO# followed by station followed by BO in the rows section. Next once you have the layout, copy the entire pivot and paste as values into another Excel sheet.

This will give you better formatted data to use for the mail merge
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