Wordpress Plugin that Notifies Users of New Terms of Service

I am working on a website that has specific Terms of Service for Subscriptions.  Is there a plugin that will notify a user that the Terms have changed.  Not only that but have them agree to the new Terms?

I'm not sure I am asking that correctly.
If you are a customer/subscriber you will from time to time need to agree to new terms of service.  Basically force the user to agree or not before they continue with their account?
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leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
wordpress tables : https://codex.wordpress.org/images/2/25/WP4.4.2-ERD.png
with phpmyadmin or mysql workbench or shell or command line : mysql -h localhost -u user database < getemail.sql
where getemail.sql :
SELECT user_email FROM wp_users INTO OUTFILE 'emails.txt';

Open in new window

use emails.txt with this for example : https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/OOoAuthors_User_Manual/Writer_Guide/Using_the_Mail_Merge_Wizard_to_create_a_form_letter

in the custom document, add a link to your wordpress custom form
if you don't know how to "create a custom wordpress form", google it, you've plenty of example (maybe available on EE too)
a random one : https://nabtron.com/how-to-code-custom-contact-form-in-php-in-wordpress/

this custom form have your new terms and a checkbox [  ] ACCEPT NEW TOS, once the user is logged, check the box and click on submit button, you save the information in your db (that part is handled by "create a custom wordpress form"
what do you think when you say "notify" ?
when they come on your website, add a spash/popup/yellow-top-bar with the new terms and agree checkbox ?
or notify everyone by email ?

check this one :
which use this :
rgranlundAuthor Commented:
I think the site owner wants to notice by email.
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so just use sql and a mailing
for each use a link to a custom form
rgranlundAuthor Commented:
Can you be just a little more specific?
rgranlundAuthor Commented:
Nice.  Let me try that.  Can I package that as a Plugin and send an email to all the customers in the DB?
Can I package that as a Plugin and send an email to all the customers in the DB?

this method is anything but a package
rgranlundAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to automate the emails and include a custom link in each?  A link that has an id appended to it?
Is there a way to automate the emails and include a custom link in each?

I believe what I posted do what you're asking
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