Rename network printers found during add printer scans with more descriptive names

What steps do I need to follow to rename the network printers within my office to have descriptive names?

Currently, whenever anyone goes into the Devices and Printers applet to add a network printer the printers have the names shown in the screenshot. We have 5 of the Brother printers and aren't sure which one is which.

So what can I do to rename these printers so that they will have more descriptive names (such as the department where they are located? Is this something that can be done by logging into the printers using their IP address in a web browser or does some other process need to be used?

We would like to continue to use the current process where these printers aren't connected to a print server or active directory and simply want to give these printers more descriptive names that will appear when the users search the network to add these printers.

How can this be done?

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IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Why would you not use GPO printer deployment instead - it's so easy to setup and no naming problems would appear.
You should be able to log in to the web interface for each printer and rename it.
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