Disconnected mailboxes on exchange 2010

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I have disconnected mailboxes on my exchange 2010. I can see these in disconnected mailbox as well as Mailbox under Recipient Configuration. What can i do to solve this?

What happens when a mailbox is disconnected? why is it showing in both places?

When i try to connect i am unable to pick the same user?

What would happen if i delete these mailboxes?
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CEE Solution Guide - CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
Disconnected Mailboxes:
Basically is a way to "unlink" the AD user with his mailbox.

You can have them both, disconnected are like "OLD MAILBOXES" they aren't linked with your AD user.
the ones that are linked are showed into the "Recipients" tab.

What happens when a mailbox is disconnected?
It's unlinked the mailbox with his ad user. so you can remove the "disconnected mailbox" without the menace of removing the user from AD.

 why is it showing in both places?
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When i try to connect i am unable to pick the same user?
You can't because it already have one mailbox associated that's why you see it in recipients.

What would happen if i delete these mailboxes?
The disconnected one?, nothing at all :)
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
you should only see disconnected mailboxes under the disconnected mailbox area. you should not see them in the recipient mailbox area. try to just refresh or close the console and reopen
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
also run the following:

clean-mailboxdatase databasename

do this for each database. this scans AD for disconnected mailboxes and fixes this in exchange. this doesn't make any actual changes to your DBs and mailboxes. It's completely safe
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Hasin Ahmed ChoudharyExchange AdministratorCommented:
This scenario occur when you move the mailbox from one database to another.

Moving will create a new mailbox in a target database. A mailbox will stay as a disconnected state with reason" Soft-deleted" under disconnected mailbox under Recipient Configuration.

The soft-deleted mailbox will remain in source database until retention period set on that database.
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