Playing purchased/downloaded music with iPhone 8 Plus & iOS 11.2.5

How do I Play purchased/downloaded music with iPhone 8 Plus & iOS 11.2.5 so that I can reset selection to beginning as to repeat sections or all of selection. For example, Bach Tocatta & Fugue - repeat Tocatta from beginning or from arbitrary place in selection.

I am using iTunes version that came with iOS .

Is there a free user manual that describes how this works?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try VLC open source media player
Go to View at the top then click on >> show advanced controls
Top line of 3 buttons appears under the screen. , there is one that looks like a set of headphones, holding your mouse over it it will show loop from point A to point B continuously.
There is a lot of video and guides if you search for them
Incase it's needed
Documention for IOS
MARSPATHAuthor Commented:
Working on it, Thanks!
Thanks glad it helped. :)
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