NTFS Permission on Window 2008

Try to replace the subfolders / files with inhertiable permission from parent. However, it pops up with several errors. Any idea ?
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Naveen SharmaCommented:
Seems like permission issue check the file/folders permissions. Else, use this current permission analysis solution to evaluates the current effective permissions after calculating the NTFS permissions and Share permissions on Shared Files and Folders.

However, to change the ownership, which you shouldn't have to do, but, do the following...

Go into the parent folder -> Security tab -> Advanced button -> Owner tab -> Click Edit
Highlight or Add the account you want to transfer ownership.

Refer to below similar discussions having suggested solutions to fix this issue:


The account you r using don,t have permission and folder ownership to modify acl
What you can do, 1st take entire folder ownership and then grant your admin account full control and then grant other users required permissions except full control
Then Also remove "creator owner"group from folder root
Use ,"subinacl" or SetACL tool for taking ownership as outlined in below article
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Use the System account. You should then be able to successfully use SetACL to add additional ACLs
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