Juniper Port Bounce

Hi Guys,

In many managed switches (HPE, DELL, CISCO) There's an option to bounce a port via a radius request (useful reauthenticating MAC based devices with very long re-auth timeouts like printers).

I'm implementing a NAC solution and all the switches are Junipers. I can't for the life of me find a way to bounce a port.. the only way I see is to disable and enable the port, both of which require a commit, and on a 3 member chassis, It's a long commit....

Any ideas? perhaps via SNMP or anything else?
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAsked:
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That is part of dot1x configuration - Configuring 802.1X Interface Settings (CLI Procedure) (there are more commands for dot1x).

Specifically to move device to different VLAN:
dot1x server-fail
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
I'm afraid that's not going to help me.
The Radius needs to decide the vLAN to which the device will be assigned, not the switch,

I'm asking a simply question - How can I bounce a port? (meaning powering the port down and then bringing it back up with disabling and enabling each time - like any other managed switch allowes you to do)
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