Add Custom informations to AD attributes


For administration purpose, I need to add some information about my workstations and my domain controllers in the active directory attributes.
For example, add the security COTS installed on the server in the "Description" attribute.

I need more attributes (9-10) that I can modify without "add" instability to the system, do you have some ideas ?
Or it is better to create new attribute in my schema ?
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Kevin StanushConnect With a Mentor Application DeveloperCommented:
Without adding custom schema extensions, the only thing I can think of would be to:

1. If you have Exchange, you can use the attributes named 'ExtensionAttribute1' through 'ExtensionAttribute15'.

2, Or, create separate lines for each of these things and add them into the an unused Attribute like 'info'.  You might have a hard time doing this with the builtin tools, however, as the Attribute Editor does not support this (visually), although applications like Hyena can make it easier.  Powershell can also be used to insert the multiple strings into any attribute, you can also separate them with a ^ or ; character.  It all depends on how you intend to update/view/use them.
Kaz-93Author Commented:
Thanks for your answer, I will try this with these attributes.
And a powershell script will be used to export theses information.
Shaun VermaakConnect With a Mentor Technical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Have a look at the first part of this article. Possibly the same approach with different information?
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