How to remove unfair Google Reviews?

The user feels that the apartments they rent out have been unfairly reviewed on Google reviews.  Some of the reviews are over 5 years old. They have lots of maintenance records to support that they took care of any repair needs that the renters had, and a long history of good service.  

Is there anything they can do to remediate the old reviews? Any insight into the process of Google Reviews?

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Lucas BishopConnect With a Mentor Click TrackerCommented:
Unless the review contains "prohibited/restricted content" it is unlikely to be removed by Google, no matter how many times you request a review:

I'd recommend your client begin collecting email addresses of current tenants, that way they can begin soliciting reviews from people who are happy with the current living situation. The best way to battle negative reviews is to get more positive reviews.
Shaun VermaakConnect With a Mentor Technical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
They can flag it as inappropriate and supply motivation. Depending on the review they might consider just replying
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