SPAN/RSPAN:   While using SPAN to monitor traffic on a port-channel carrying multiple vlans, the keyword "filter" is it used to remove a Vlan from monitoring or does it only  allow said Vlan to be monitoried. As there is some contradiction between this, I was recently reading a cisco book and it was said that the filter command removed a vlna from beig monitored. But on my current kit whenever I have used the filter keyword it has actually only allowed that vlan to be monitored. Which on is true or does it vary on different devices?
Jay RajaAsked:
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Svet ChinkovCommented:
Hello Jay Raja,

To my knowledge the filter keyword will specify which vlan will be monitored, not which VLANs will be excluded from monitoring. Also, you can review the following SPAN & RSPAN configuration guide -

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Jay RajaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Svet. Thats reassuring.
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