RHEL 7.4 Allow IP for SSHD autheticated scan from Security Scanner

There is a security system scanner that needs to access a server to scan.  If it states the below, what would be the command to allow?  I've check sshd_config and thought allowed IPs would be in that config.  But it seems I need a command and the system previous setup owner is gone at my current new job.  

RHEL 7.4 Maipo

If you are running IP filters or IP wrappers you will need to permit the systems to access your system via Secure Shell (SSH) on port 22. The IP addresses for the systems are

These are just placeholder IP addresses.  
What would be the command line only to add this?
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for ip wrappers, you would add
sshd:IP in /etc/hosts.allow to allow IP access to the SSH port.

which RHEL firewall is in use, firewalld or iptables
the generatl rule would be to check if the source is IP and the destiantion is port 22 then accept.
where IP is the IP you wish to authorize.
If you have both, a firewall and wrappers, you would have to do both to allow the system with IP access to port 22.
System AdminAuthor Commented:
Firewalld, I'm testing some commands now.
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