local nameserver settings with third party name server

I have a web server with 2 external IP address

If I set nameservers up on a third party nameserver ie GoDaddy/dyn etc what do I set the local nameserver to ?

1: The local ip address (or localhost)
2: The external IP address (ie - have 2 A record for each one)

GoDaddy say the A records will send to whichever route is available, so I just need to know the local settings

For your information the two external connections are VDSL and 4G - to allow for failover
Paul SouthcottAsked:
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ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are nameservers used for public resolution of a host, as an example if you have a domain registered with godaddy and DNS hosting provided by godaddy, then to lookup a hostname on the domain a DNS resolver will query those nameservers.

The nameservers that you configure on a server are for that server to be able to do DNS lookups, this might be localhost if there is a caching DNS server on the host, or your ISP nameservers.

If you have a server behind a DSL and a 4G connection, unless you have PI space and are running BGP so the public address is the same on both connection, you would need either dynamic or active DNS from your DNS provider to enable "failover" between the two connections, this is not related to the local DNS nameservers for each connection on the server.
localhost is universal -
I am not sure I understand your question.

The web server can use any DNS resolver.

If your single web server has two public IPs,  you probably can't use both at the same time. In that case, you need a to use public DNS from somebody like DNS Made Easy. They can monitor your web server and only publish the A record for the working IP address. https://dnsmadeeasy.com/services/dnsfailover/

GoDaddy can't do this to the best of my knowledge. You don't want to publish a bad IP address as an A record.
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Paul SouthcottAuthor Commented:
maybe I didn't make the question clear

all I need you know is what DNS settings should I use on my local name server

do I set the A names to the external IP address or to the local address 192.168.??.??
External address
Is the web server on the same network as the client's of the local DNS server? If so, in general if your clients and servers are both on the inside of your firewall you need to publish the private IP in DNS. You need a hairpin NAT to get it to work with the public IP.
For DNS resolution on the local LAN of the web server, one should usually use the local LAN address in the local LAN DNS server.
I think that the terms used by OP are confusing people, as I don't think that they are being used as they are commonly understood.

In general, always use your local DNS server. This also applies to your web server. This is commonly referred to as DNS settings.

As for what should be used for the A record in the authoritative DNS zone on your internal DNS servers, you generally should use the private IP of the server if it is accessible via that IP.

In summary, DNS setting referred to which DNS server to use. DNS record referrs to the contents of the DNS zone file.
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