Best wifi solution for minimal users and a lot of coverage

What is the best Wifi solution for a two story 55,000 sq feet building? Only for 10 users.
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Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
Take a look at unifi AP's, they have LR versions but i would go with the PRO. There is no best wifi solution, you just have to find what is best for your situation.
I am also a fan of unifi APs.  I would argue that "best" is a vague term without qualifiers.  If money is no object, then there is one class of solutions.  If you care about cost but need coverage everywhere, then there's another class.  If cost is a big issue and you're willing to put up with some dead spots, then there's another class.

Do people need to roam freely around the two floors?  If not, then there are many options that will cover the area inexpensively, but you'll not have a simple hand-off as someone moves from one access point to another.

In any case, you'll need to carefully place access points to cover all of the areas you wish.  The "55,000 sq. foot building" is too vague.  Its shape and what's in it is critical.  A single access point can cover a 300 foot range, which is a circle of about 280,000 square feet.  If your building had nothing in it and was, say, 200x300', then a single access point, properly placed, could cover all of one floor.

What are the actual dimensions of the floors and what sorts of obstacles are there?
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
I have to say that we started to use UniFi APs and we love them.
And the best thing about it is UniFi Controller (software or hardware) with centralized management that allows you to configure all devices in bulk, you can see stats about each client and many more. If you can go for it. UAC-AP-PRO should be enough for you.
I use both Unifi and Aerohive.  I have them at Aged care sites,

One thing to remember about deploying wi-fi, and I'll use an analogy.

If you are in a field with a friend,  and are 120 meters apart, If you speak normally and your friend shouts who will hear who. Wi-Fi is the same.  When I deploy Wi-Fi I aim to have the same output accross the whole siteHeat Map.  Aim to have an even coverage so that your users don't have issues with being able to "see the SSID" but not connect or intermittent drop outs

Some are using Aerohive Hive Manager online which also helps you design the deployment, while the ones I have at my own building are configured via the CLI
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