Append power query data results to an excel table

What is the best way to append data to a table in excel in the following? :-

I have a mapping table in excel  that I assigned groups to as follows:-

Activity ID    Group
1                    AA
2                    AA
3                   BB
4                   CC
5                     DD

Each day i have an activity report with additional activity - using power query this is pulled through and queried for all incremental activity so I end up with a query result to append on a day that may look like this :-

Activity ID    Group

It would be great to append this to the existing table in excel. How do I go about this ? I've tried creating  a power query on the mapping table and combine data/append to add the data but I don't then appear to be able to load it back to the original table in excel.

The idea is to pull the incremental activity into the table  each day so I can manually add groupings for any new activity ids as background

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