importing fixed lengthed file problems.

I am trying to import an ASCII fixed length data file into mysql.  I have PHPmyAdmin that I am using the console to try and load the file. (I have also tried using the "Import" tab, but that also is not reading the file correctly.  I create a Database, then in the database I create a table using:

CREATE TABLE CountyCodeFile (
CountyCodeFile_County_Code CHAR(2) not null PRIMARY KEY,
CountyCodeFile_County_Name CHAR(25)
LOAD DATA INFILE '/var/lib/mysql-files/countycd.lst' INTO TABLE CountyCodeFile FIELDS TERMINATED BY '' ENCLOSED BY '' ESCAPED BY '';

I get an error:

#1262 - Row 1 was truncated; it contained more data than there were input columns

The first two lines of the file to be inputed is:


I am working on a Linux (Mint) computer but the files came from our State's Election Board in ASCII format.  I got it working 4-6 years ago but I had problems before it finally "worked" back then.

I have other similar tables and data that have the same problem.
Eric RothoffAsked:
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you are likely running into a content issue, comma separated but there are ""

Look at the rows, you may have
you have fields terminated by ','
enclosed by '"'
escaped by ''

the above should be right for comma separated values where you want to exclude the comma when it is within a "user, name" will not be separated on this comma as it is enclosed.....
Eric RothoffAuthor Commented:
My rows are fixed length, they do not have "," between the fields. I use ' TERMINATED BY '' ENCLOSED BY '' ESCAPED BY ''  ' to let MySQL to know it is a fixed length file, stating that there is NO " TERMINATED BY ", NO "  ENCLOSED BY  " and NO " ESCAPED BY ". I can not change the format of the files, because they are updated constantly in this format, and the main file is in the GBs.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Take a look at the example from the docs:

Posted by Ryan Neve on July 18, 2008

To load a text file with fixed width columns, I used the form:
SET Date=str_to_date(SUBSTR(@var1,3,10),'%m/%d/%Y'),

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What separates the fields, without specifying the length, space, tab, , any similar demarcation can be used to identify the separator of the fields.
Eric RothoffAuthor Commented:
Thanks slightwv, while I didn't need to use the SUBSTR like you suggested yet, the link that you provided got me back to the syntax where changing my "character set" for the file actually solved my problem.  Thanks again.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
No problem.  Happy to indirectly help!
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