Folder Redirection SBS 2011 and Server 2012

I have an old SBS 2011 server that runs Group policy and want to use folder redirection but the share for redirected folders will be a server 2012 box.  I am trying to locate an article that explains how to do this instead of the "canned" SBS server.  I created a GPO on SBS and applied it to a test PC, and have the file share up and running but redirected folders arent working.  I checked the mapping and permissions and everything looks like.  Any references?
Leigh KalbliAsked:
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no specific reference, but there is also nothing special in that kind of setup. If it isn't working, normal troubleshooting methods apply. SBS uniqueness isn't a factor here.
Leigh KalbliAuthor Commented:
Cliff, Thanks.  SBS is new to me since starting with the Company and I didnt know if there was anything distinguishable  different from it.
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