Create new dir into every user's shared folder

Hey Experts.  Every user has a folder on our file server that they can save documents.  I need to copy a new directory (X) to their user folder (\User.A).  How can I accomplish this (preferably with Powershell)?

On the file server:

Thanks Experts!
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Here's a .cmd version:
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set newdir=newdirX
set srcdir=E:\source\src\%newdir%
set tgtdir=E:\Shared\Users

for /d %%k in ("%tgtdir%\*") do (
   md "%%~fk\%newdir%"
   xcopy /y /e "%srcdir%" "%%~fk\%newdir%\"

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rastoiWindows DTS expertCommented:
Just like Jose mentioned, it is unclear, what you want to achieve. To copy some existing folder into each directory in E:\shared\users is this the way. Just careful with '-Force' it will overwrite the content if such folder already exist in destination.

Get-ChildItem -Directory -path E:\Shared\Users |% {Copy-Item -path d:\data\X -Destination $_ -Recurse -Force} 

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Sajen JoseCommented:
You can use the below script:

$NewFolderToCopy = "C:\Temp\myNewFolder"
$UserFolders = Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Temp\Users\"

ForEach ($user in $UserFolders)
    Copy-Item -Path $NewFolderToCopy -Destination $user.FullName -Recurse
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rastoiWindows DTS expertCommented:
Sajen, your script is the same like my oneliner above, I see small issue in your code. If there are files within .\Users, they will become entriers in your $UserFolders and $user respectively. I recommend to Add '-Directory' into Get-childitem parameters to fix this.
samiam41Author Commented:
Thank you experts for the scripts!

NVIT, I ended up using your script as it was first and I started my project once I had it.

I will test the others when I get a chance.  If I run out of time, I will have to close it out with NVIT being awarded the best solution.

Regardless, thanks for the suggestions.  Updates forthcoming.
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