Outlook does not display unread message count until folder is clicked.

Outlook 2010 is not showing the number of unread emails for IMAP accounts when Send-Receive is clicked or scheduled.
It works fine if the folder tree - or corresponding Favourite link - is clicked once but this is not what I want.
(This is not an Exchange setup - simply hosted eMail accounts that are a combination of POP and IMAP)

Although it has always been this way it seems quite odd that it never refreshes without a manual "click".
Send/Receive just does not change it regardless of any new emails that have arrived.

I have checked all settings and they seem to be fine.
"Get Folder Unread Count is set for the IMAP accounts.
Folder is set to show unread items.
A new Send-Receive Group makes no difference
A search folder for unread items does not help by forcing a check on send-receive

Regardless, there is never an "unread" message count until the corresponding Favorite or the IMAP tree itself is clicked.

Anyone out there solve this?

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