Streaming Service for Teradek VidiU Pro

I'm streaming an event for a client and we're using the Teradek VidiU Pro device to connect to our camera. We'll have an available internet connection of around 10 Mbps upstream. Though reliably I'd rather only count on half that. We've looked at Livestream, YouTube, and Facebook for livestream options. Honestly, I can't tell a huge difference between them and it seems they will all work fairly well with the VidiU Pro.

We'd prefer to do this at no cost for streaming but are willing to pay if we need to do things like remove advertising. We'd like to view it on Facebook, which theoretically we could do with all 3 options. And possibly even embed it on another website if needed.

Anyone had experience with these options and the Teradek VidiU Pro that can provide some advice?
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
We use OBS and it works perfectly. It's free.
Upstream is usually around 3Mbps.
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