How to setup calendar

Hi expert

How to setup two calendar on two different account.

Example one account
 Another account is

I aware outlook app on the iPhone able to view calendar but how to view second calendar on the outlook app.

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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
First, I'm assuming this is Outlook for Windows, rather than Outlook 365 web based email.

In Outlook  you have to add both of those accounts to your current profile, just like you would to access email.  For now I will assume you know how to do that, More info on that can be found here.

Once you have done that, select the calendar icon in the lower left of the Outlook window.  Then down the left you should see all calendars associated with all email accounts you have added to that profile.  You can toggle on and off which calendars you want to see, and they will all show on the right.  You can view them as separate panes, or "merge" them in the view where it overlays them.

Hope this helps,

Are both accounts already set up? Assuming not, if you're in the Settings portion of the app, you should be able to simply be able to click Add Account.

If both accounts are already set up, then you need to simply make the calendar visible:
1. Tap the Calendar tab to access your calendar.
2. Tap the three lines icon Three lines icon in the top-left corner of the screen to view your calendar settings.
3. To change the visibility of a calendar, tap the slider icon next to the calendar you would like to make visible. A colored slider means the calendar is visible, and a white slider means it is not.
Eric WoodfordSoftware Systems Specialist 3Commented:
As of Outlook on IOS 2.1.6, it only supported shared calendars on (not o365). I skimmed the patch notes and didn't see where it added shared calendar support for o365.

This means, as Bill and Mansrock stated, you need to add both mailboxes to your profile inside Outlook, i.e. you need full mailbox rights to both. This is ok if they're both yours, but hard if one is a group/resource type mailbox.
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alanlam123Author Commented:
Thanks all for the support.

Basically in the user end I able to share calendar for user A but when I create the group email on user A and send to users B was restricted to view user A calendar.

alanlam123Author Commented:
How to allow user A to share calendar in outlook 2016 full permissions so user B will able to amend or edit the calendar.

Not sure can I achieve in O365.
If you're logged into user A's account, then you just need to delegate Editor rights to user B. With 365, the rules of what you can do in Outlook are the same.
alanlam123Author Commented:
Is there a good link can refer to?
You could use something like this as a guide:

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Not sure if there was any success here, but here's a link related to viewing a second calendar in the Outlook app.

The ability to access shared calendars was added last spring. However, as Bill and I had been mentioning, that still left the matter of actually sharing the calendar so that someone had access to it.
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