Best background tool for screenshots

Can experts here suggest a very simple and convenient tool for taking shots of screen (like snipping tool) which continuously runs in the background? Please recommend only if you have personally used them
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Bill PrewCommented:
What do you mean by runs continuously, do you want it to take a capture of the screen to a disk file every certain amount of time (minutes, seconds...)?  Or do you just want something that can be loaded once, and then when you want a new screen capture you press a hotkey that initiates a capture?

sukhoi35Author Commented:
"Or do you just want something that can be loaded once, and then when you want a new screen capture you press a hotkey that initiates a capture?"

Yes, I actually need this. Something like press ctrl+<some key>+select the region using the mouse.
Bill PrewCommented:
There are a few good ones out there, the one I use is linked below, called WinSnap.  It's not bloated with lots of features, but does a great job of screen capturing and saving to file off a hot key.  Has different options for what to capture (full screen, current window, selecting an area of the screen, etc.  As well as a few editting and adjustment features.  Take a look and see what you think, a solid tool.

WinSnap - Create Superior Screenshots, Add Notes and Apply Visual Effects with WinSnap - NTWind Software

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Bill PrewCommented:
Another one that is pretty popular and was used at the last shop I worked is SnagIt, but it had more features and complexity than I really wanted.  Just mentioning in case you need some of those features...

Andrew LeniartEE Senior Editor & Independent IT ConsultantCommented:
I use this [Screen Captor] all the time. Brilliant imo.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I use Greenshot every day. (It's Free)
I keep it running in the background as it does not hog resources.

Here is the Hotkey Preferences Screen
Fabrice LambertFabrice LambertCommented:

Since windows 7, there is a built in capture tool available.
Just type "capture" in your start menu search bar.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist IVCommented:
ShareX my current favourite because of workflows, automatic uploads, extra tools, automatic region selection and OCR

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I can't say what tool is "best", because I haven't tried everything out there. But as already noted in this thread, there are many good tools that do this. Here's the most recent EE thread on the subject that I participated in:

I suggested Clipjump in that thread (written in AutoHotkey, my go-to programming/scripting language these days), because that asker wanted advanced features, but it is still simple and convenient, so it should be good for you, too.

My EE article on How To Embed Screenshots in Posts discusses the Snipping Tool, which you mentioned in your original question. The article also discusses the ultra-simple PrintScreen and Alt-PrintScreen keys, which are always available (in the background, so to speak), which can then be pasted (Ctrl-V) into the app of your choice (I use IrfanView most of the time, sometimes PaperPort — you could even use the built-in Paint).

In another EE thread, the issue was "torn edges" (aka "jagged edges"):

For that one, I recommended FastStone Capture, Greenshot, and Snagit, all very good tools. Btw, that creates an interesting visual effect. Here's a screenshot made with Greenshot showing it:

Greenshot example torn edges right and bottom
Anyway, lots of good stuff to choose from! Try a few to see what you like. Regards, Joe
you could use the Windows snipping tool, and make a hotkey to start it up
Do you need a continuous capture or still type capture?
The builtin print screen could be enough, not clear what your needs are.
Print screen
Alt+print screen captures the active window, that can the be edited....
sukhoi35Author Commented:
Hi Experts,
Thanks everyone for your time and efforts, found ShareX to do pretty much everything I wanted and free as well.
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