Best option for predictive failure of hard drive in array

I have a HP Proliant DL380 with ESXi and a RAID-5 array. One of the drives is reporting a predictive failure. After reading the various ways to address this, I was planning to wait for it to actually fail, then swap it out with another drive. However, I am going on vacation in a week and I realized I'd like to take care of this before then, to avoid an actual failure while I"m away.

Options seems to be the shut down the server and swap it then, just pull out the predictive drive while online and active and swap it, or take the drive offline in the ACU. The first two seem to have potential issues from array failure to corruption, and I haven't read much about the third.

Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks.
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Is there room in the disk shelf for hot spare drive?

Should be able to hot swap the drive, the ACU should rebuild the array.
Se HP document:
ruhkusAuthor Commented:
No space for a hot spare.

With regard to your link, my understanding is that since the drive didn't actually fail yet, it can cause corruption, which was why I was waiting for it to actually fail. The article (unless I missed it), didn't seem clear on my scenario.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
There is no option to offline a drive with the ACU unless they have added it recently.  You just have to unplug it live and fit a replacement.

If you generate an ADU report either with the dianostic tab of the ACU or seperate ADU program I may be able to tell you why it's predicted to fail, Bear in mind old firmware often gives false predictive failures.
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ruhkusAuthor Commented:
I read about the false reports of failure, which was why I figured waiting was my best option initially. I've swapped failed drives before without issue, but since nothing was writing to that drive at the time, I wasn't as worried. I'm not clear how likely corruption would be in this case, but I've seen it mentioned. Would you suggest I shut down the VMs first, or any other precautions (besides a good backup of course)?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Assuming there is a minute risk of corruption there's no harm in shutting down the VMs, you can even shut down the hypervisor. The requirement to swap the disks hot doesn't mean you have to do it with an OS running, so long as it is powered on. It's really just a best practice anyway, you can swap them cold but if the controller sees old data on the replacement disk it'll disable it in case that data is important.

So saying I've never shut the OS down to replace a pre-failure disk on ProLiants and I've replaced hundreds of them without problem.

You say there are VMs on it, if it's VMware you can install HP offline bundle to get the status and ADU reports via CLI, Hyper-V the normal Windows GUI is used of course.

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Are your array member disks hot plug.  If so you need only remove the faling drive, fit the new, and the array controller will take care of the rest.

Good idea to do it now rather than when dead.
ruhkusAuthor Commented:
So I ended up just doing it like any other hot swap and it worked out fine. Thanks for the assurances.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Bear in mind that it's HPE specific, with Dell controllers you offline the drive first, other more advanced options are to mirror to spare before offlining but these controllers don't have those options.
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