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Rohit Bajaj
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I have a mac and android mobile phone both connectes to same wifi.
how can i use my android to control mac.
few things that i want to do is.
play youtube video from mobile to laptop.
or browse o. chrome.

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Hi Rohit,

I have not used this but the app does what, I believe, you are looking to do:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

The android app in the link above does not work quite the way you might want.  What it does is allow the android device to SEE the screen from the Mac but you cannot remote control the Mac.  Also the Mac has to turn on AirPlay which is not automatically enabled.

To make it really there is is NO remote control app which will allow you to control an iOS iPhone or iPad but if you want to control an Apple iMac or MacBook then you can use Remote Desktop software.  You have to install a program like TeamViewer on the Mac and the partner app on Android.
It sounds like you need a remote, rather than a full screen share type of control.


If i could just play youtube video on mac from my android phone that will be enough.

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