Use a PC to modify Google Photos from an iPhone, then have changes sync back to iPhone

Can I use my PC to EDIT Google Photos that were uploaded from my iPhone and have them sync back to my iPhone and replace the original?
Can I use my PC to DELETE Google Photos that were uploaded from my iPhone and have them delete from my iPhone?

I have several photos that I would like to rotate, crop, delete, etc.  That would be easier on my PC than my iPhone. I would like my Phone to reflect the changes made to the files on the PC?  If this can be done, how?

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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Yes but only if you use the Google Photos app on the iPhone and delete them from the iOS Photos app otherwise you'll end up with duplicates

The Photos app on iOS works with Photos on OSX and nothing else.   If you want to step out of that process (because you don't have an Apple Mac or don't like the Photos software on OSX) then you need to commit fully to Google Photos.

You need to turn on the Backup and Sync feature in the Google Photos app on the iPhone.
Once the Backup is complete you can then disable (if you want) the iCloud Photo Sharing on iOS which prevents the double copying of photos
You can also delete all the photos out of your iOS Photos app at this stage

When you take the photo on the iPhone ... it will be copied into the Google Photos app and sent to Google over the Internet.  You then can manage the photos on the PC, edit them and share them as albums which are then sync'd back to the iOS device.

Here is the process described in detail
If you successfully loaded them to Google photo or  better still Google drive,  it should be accessible by yourself if you have a google account on both. And Google Drive installed on both.
Just be logged in to Google+
And you can edit add whatever you like.
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