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I have a form with a subform.  There is a combobox in the form which, after making a selection from the combobox, retrieves data pertinent to the combobox selection.  I need also to be able to select all from the combobox.  How can I do this?
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Dale FyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
or, if you change the combo RowSource to something like:

SELECT 0 as ID, "*** Select All ***" as FieldName, 1 as SortBy
FROM tbl_Numbers
SELECT ID, FieldName, 2 as SortBy
FROM yourTable
ORDER BY SortBy, FieldName

Then you could use:

WHERE ID = Forms!yourForm!cbo_YourComboName
OR Forms!yourForm!cbo_YourComboName  = 0
In the query, use something like this as the criteria:

Where MyField = Forms!someform!cboMyField OR Forms!someform!cboMyField Is Null
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