Server Side Rule reply form noreply-mailbox

I want to set a rule to send an auto reply from noreply email.

IE: If I receive an email from, I want a rule replying from

Can this possible? if so, can it be done using PowerShell?
Ridvan ErmisAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
No, not possible with any of the default methods. Macro would do, but that's client-side. For server side, you will need a custom transport agent.
Eric WoodfordSoftware Systems Specialist 3Commented:
Does the have a mailbox associated  with it? Is it accessible via Outlook? We've set up our Help Desk with an auto-reply alert like you are asking that is server based.

Here's a quick one I did in my Outlook 2013 + O365.
screen snip of sample server side rule
Otherwise, as Vasil suggested, an Exchange transport rule would be your best bet.

Just be warned.... The Help Desk sometimes receives email messages from agencies that will auto-reply back.. This creates a mail loop of epic proportions. Within minutes, you can have thousands of replies going back and forth. To avoid this, I customized the auto-reply rule to exclude messages with 'AUTOREPLY:' in the subject. Then had each company we work  to do the same.
Ridvan ErmisAuthor Commented:
@Eric Woodford:

Thank you for your reply!

To answer your question: "Does the have a mailbox associated  with it?"
- No it has no mailbox, this makes it not accessible via Outlook.

I have found a tool called: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro
This tool can make it possible, witch makes me wonder how it does that...

I have posted a request on the microsoft Office page for this feature to be added.

I will post the solution here as soon as I find one!
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