Unable to open up a SQL report in a SHAREPOINT web page.


Users open up an old Sharepoint site are having an issue accessing a report from a SQL Reporting Server(also running IIS).  

After some investigation, I am seeing a AD domain group that is supposed to have access cannot be looked up when running the NET GROUP command on the SHAREPOINT server - please see the attached.  

I do not know much about SHAREPOINT and SQL.  

I want to try assigning permission to another AD group to troubleshoot but I am not familiar of where to go and check permission in SHAREPOINT and SQL.  

I type NET GROUP "MYGROUP" /DOMAIN and I am getting a 2220.  Any one knows how this can be fixed please?

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Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectCommented:
you will need to login SQL reporting server database using SQL management studio and check if the AD group is there under security and having appropriate permissions
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