How to get scan to email to work

I am attempting to configure a laptop computer to be able to scan to email from a multi function printer.  The laptop is a new Lenovo running Windows 10 PRO  release 1709.

The laptop is able to scan from the printer.  I have tried with an older HP unit and with a new Brother MFC-L2740.  The results are the same - the scanner cannot find the default email program.

Office 2010 home and business is installed,  My first thought was that it was the Outlook 2010 that was the problem.  An Adobe form that is populated on line could not open the email program to send, it would just do nothing.  After uninstalling Outlook and installing Thunder Bird, the adobe form works.  

My problem now is that when I try to scan to email from the brother printer, I get an immediate error indicating that there is no default email program.  The error is CC4-121-00000003.  The self help for Windows 10 is not accurate, but does come back to a page in settings that shows Thunder Bird as the default email program.

I can scan to a file, right click on a scanned file and send to an email recipient, so the scan portion works, and Windows ability to email a scanned file works.
Tech support for Brother indicated that they have ran into some versions of Windows 10 that seem to block this feature.  Interesting enough, I have a desktop computer attached to the same printer unit, and it will scan to email  with no problems opening  the Thunder Bird program.  The desktop is running the same version of Windows 10 Pro.

Would there be a registry setting that would need to be deleted, or any method short of restoring the operating system that may be of help in this case.  The issue seems to be tied to the installation on the laptop.  Some research indicates that if the version of Office is click to run, that many programs will not be able to open the email program.
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Skip scan to your laptop, and instead have it scan to your mail server.  You'll need to add the relevant Mail server and Username+pwd.

The borther may need a firmware update from Brother to install the "scan to email" option 1st
WilfAuthor Commented:
Neither multi function unit support scan to anything other than the scan to email which opens or attempts to open the default email program.  The email account is provided by the ISP.  [ in this case].

The brother MFC works on the desktop unit with the same version of Windows 10 [release 1709].
Hi Wilf,

Go to
  1. Select your OS
  2. Go to the section called Utilities
  3. Click on Show ALL
  4. Click on Internet FAX Install Tool

Load this firmware update into your Brother device, then reboot the Brother MFC

Log into the browser interface you will now see in one of the screens the option to setup scan to email

Add your ISP's mail server, and your email address as the sender
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WilfAuthor Commented:
Only gives message that it could not find a machine to update the firmware.  
The firmware had been updated at installation, and the brother works fine on all computers except the one laptop.  It will scan to a file to that laptop, but cannot find the default email on the one laptop.  Everything else is fine.
Turn off your firewall and see what happens
WilfAuthor Commented:
same result with firewall off
Obviously you're keen to get scan to Outlook to work.

I have to admit I haven't set this up in a long time, all of my clients scan to email or a folder on their servers.

Is the scanner connected via USB
The message you received saying "it couldn't find a device to update" is telling in itself.   Can you clarify if the device is connected via USB or via your LAN

We have to determine why the scanning app is unable to start Outlook.
  • Is there an option to tell the scanning software what mail program you are using?
  • Is UAC enabled still, if yes, turn it off and see if that allows the scanner software to start/find your email client?
  • Turn off AV altogether and test, it may be treating the scanner software as malicious and blocking it from starting your email client, dont forget to re-enable it afterwards
  • Is anything being reported to the event logs that can add a clue?
  • Just to be sure, have you started Outlook and made sure the Email profile exists (some apps call thge profile and let it fire the mail program(

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WilfAuthor Commented:
I have given up on outlook, and thought Thunder Bird may be a better client.  The copy of Outlook that I tried may have been a click to run.  It would not open from an Adobe form with a send this form email link in it.  

Thunder Bird opens that form, so some progress has been made.

I have had issues with click to run Microsoft software in other programs, such as Sage accounting.  My way around that was to install Thunder Bird, or a copy of not click to run Outlook and all would work well.

Since Thunder Bird is working better than Outlook and since the copy of Outlook the client has is 2010, I am probably better to stick with Outlook.

I have attached the only error in system on the laptop.  There are no errors or even comments in the application events related to the scan attempt.

I have disabled the anti-virus, turned off the firewall and turned off [reduced UAC] to the bottom
WilfAuthor Commented:
The scan issue was a problem when the laptop was first installed and trying from an HP printer / scanner.  I am trying from the Brother Scanner, because that is what I have where I am working on the laptop.  My logic is that if it works on one scanner there is a chance it will work on another.

Brother tech support indicated they have ran into a few cases where Windows 10 recently has stopped opening the default email program.  My challenge is that a much older laptop that used to be Windows 7 but upgraded to Windows 10 and used Windows live mail works like a charm
WilfAuthor Commented:
There is no option in the scanning software.  I have thought of getting the recovery software for the laptop, restore it to out of the ox state, and see if that works.  Unfortunately Lenovo seems to be down for actually downloading the software.
WilfAuthor Commented:
The scanner is connected by wireless LAN.  It works fine to scan to email on 3 other computers all running the same version of Windows 10 PRO [1709].  It just will not work on the new Lenovo.
WilfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance.  Some very good points
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