Netapp Windows to Unix mapping with special character

How do you create a Windows to Unix mapping in Netapp 8.x if the domain user name has a hyphen in it? We have verified that the hyphen is the issue. Can you use a question mark as a wild card for a single character to get around this? i.e user-name to user?name.
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notta3dConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well the issue has been resolved. We originally added the mapping from the Web GUI, but support suggested creating the mapping from the command line. After creating it from the command line the mappings are working now. The Web GUI must use a different ASCII character in Windows than on the command line. Thanks for the help.
Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
Need some further information here.  Are you trying to use Windows to connect to an NFS or CIFS share?  You can manage the filer, depending on which type, through the MMC snap in and storage/shared folder access.  Is it permissions?

I've got an admin ID on the NetApp with a hyphen in it and I've no issues with mounting shares.
notta3dAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. It's a NFS share. I'm not the one who manages the Netapp but the guy that does is having problems escaping the hyphen. We have tried multiple ways and the only solution is to remove the hyphen which I would like to use as a last resort. The NTFS permissions on the share are mostly Unix accounts but our Windows admin group does have access. I just can't find any documentation on how to deal with the hyphen so we can match it to the Unix user.
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Travis MartinezConnect With a Mentor Smoke JumperCommented:
The escape character for an irregular character is a backslash.  I've looked at the On Command Manger help and it doesn't explicitly say that a hyphen can't be used but I would assume that the user-name would need to be user\-name.

There is also another possibility with using the period to match any character therefore might work.
Much is missing in terms of info, while you identified the username with a dash as having issues, it is unclear under what ir where that user's entry is
I do not see the username included in the exports file on the netapp, what does the netapp query to validate user credentials?
It uses a central directory, ldap, nis.

Commonly, UNIX services for UNIX is installed on Windows to allow it access to NFS shares versus configuring cifs shares on the netapp for native Windows share access.

Is the Windows box access the share via NFS on the netapp, or tries to access an NFS export from the UNIX system that mounts the netapp NFS share?
notta3dAuthor Commented:
Worked with Netapp on solution.
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