Trying to map a networked drive from one IP subnet to another:

Trying to map a networked drive from one IP subnet to another:
I have 2 subnets connected to one another through a Sonicwall. The firewall is configured to allow access from subnet to the other (Configuration verified by Sonicwall tech support)
I can RDP from a domain network to a workgroup file server from any PC in the domain.
I can map a drive on the workgroup server from any other server on the domain running Windows 2003 or PC on Windows XP.
The folder I want to map is shared by "everyone" in full control
When I try from a Windows 7 PC I am presented with the login for the Workgroup server administrator, I enter the password and it rejects it.

Why would it work with XP and 2003 and not with Win 7 or 2012 ????
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
The share you are trying to connect to is on the server 2003 box?

Try this:

Start Menu Type run or cmd in search box

Type: secpol.msc

Go to Local Policies | Security Options and choose the “Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level” item Set it to “Send LM & NTLM use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”
JPD153Author Commented:
I have a 2003 server on both sides and from the 2003 domain, I can map the 2003 workgroup. but not with Win 7.
I will remote into the system and try your suggestion asap and keep you posted.
Try adding a manual route to your workstation

IN one of my earlier jobs we needed to map a drive to a server cluster at IBM.  I added the route manually to each workstation and included the authenticating server name to the hosts file.
JPD153Author Commented:
Regretfully, none of the offered solutions worked.
Apparently it can see the share since it prompts for login and apssword
However, I am still getting my login password rejected when I try to map the drive or access the share via file explorer.
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