maximum number of concurrent connections in SignalR application?

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 how to estimate the maximum number of concurrent connections in SignalR application?
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See SignalR Performance. Just run tests on your server using the performance SignalR performance counters. There are no built-in limits as far as I know. It only depends on your server (CPU, memor and bandwidth).
Depending on your needs you need to look at scaleout scenarios, thus running more than one node. More limiting factors can be the database backend. So using a different one than RDBMS can be an option, e.g. Scaling SignalR with Redis. Also take a look at possibly topologies, like Real-time Web with SignalR.
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Thank you  for very helpful information
I am working on it, what I remember there are no limits, server can handle up to many 100.000 con, I write every conn ID to a dB, on disconnect I delete them

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