Netcat usage (next_hop)

I was reading some material on netcat usage.  There are a few references to using netcat for a relay using FIFO  (mknod backpipe p).  Also mentioned was using the next_hop argument.  I have never used that syntax and can't really find much information on it.  So the command is:
nc -l -p 12345 0<pipe | nc next_hop 54321 1>pipe

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I don't know what the next_hop is referring to.  

I've always done it like this where I specify where the client will connect ( port 54321):
nc -l -p 12345 0<pipe | nc 54321 1>pipe

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Any explanation on how the next_hop works would be appreciated.
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credogAuthor Commented:
Didn't really address what was asked, however I believe I misinterpreted the documentation that had next_hop.  This was likely just a place holder and an IP was what was intended.
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