SAS Read intensive ssd's

SAS write intensive SSD's

sata mIXED USED ssd's

SAS Mixed used SSD's

what are the mening on above .i have require Server in server spec those are given. What is the differeces SSD Vs sas

can we use SSD,IS AVILABLE redundency controllers on server
venkata s  s sharma AradhyulaSr. system administratorAsked:
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These terms are described in the quickspecs at (page 31 has a table of endurances)

Easiest to use the SSD selector tool at

Unless otherwise stated you can use them on a Smart Array controller, (obviously not the PCIe card SSDs)
Ivaylo PetkovCommented:
Hello Venkata,

SATA are doing 7200rpm and does not support simultaneous
Read/write requests, which makes them slow but cheap.

SAS disks are more expensive, but faster then the SATA .They work at 15000 rpm and support write / read requests at the same time.

SSD are "solid" and does not rotate. Which makes them much faster, but expensive.

The optimal raid and disk configuration could be made if you know what application will be hosted on your server, how many users will be using it and how critical will it be for the business.
Sufficient info provided on HPE's terminology.
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