Using TimeMachine to move 500GB to a new MacBook

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Restoring from external drive onto different MacBook.

I replacing an old MacBook with a newer one, and expect to use TimeMachine to move my system.  Both machines have SSD's, the old one has a 500 GB and the newer one has a 1T SDD.

I assume I could:

1) Start a full backup
2) Got to bed
3) Begin restoring to the newer MacBook
4) Go to work

When I come home, I should be 100% up and running on the new Mac.

Does this make sense?

What do I need to know to restore the system onto the new MacBook?

Are there are reboots needed during installation? Might the unattended new machine go to sleep in the middle of this process?

What commands to I need to execute on the new machine?

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Yes that can work.

If you've already backed up your data, the built in Migration Assistant.App would just do it for you in a single pass.
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I have not backed up the data but will do it before bedtime.

How do I force the new computer to restore from that backup?

Conversely, how do I use the  Migration Assistant.App?
In both cases, you start Migration Assistant.App on the new system.  Follow the instructions on the page to transfer data from a Time Machine backup onto the new mac.

If you were doing a straight migration, then you start Migration Assistant.App from the old Mac and select the 3rd choice (To another Mac).
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