Which data is correct Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner Tool?

I have searched for a keyword "MLM" in Google Trends (location - Benin) which shows me there is some rising searches about this term but when I search this keyword in Google Keyword Planner Tools with the same location (Benin), I didn't get any result. What is the reasons can anyone tell me? Which data is correct Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner Tool for keyword analysis?
Scarlett WhitehouseTechnical WriterAsked:
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Janvi AroraDigital Marketing ConsultantCommented:
In general, the data on trends is normalized while the data on the keyword planner is absolute numbers.
Google Trends is for just that, trends.  It was designed to show you changes in interest of certain keywords over a specific time period so that you could plan your campaign around these seasonalities, or to see if there was any interest at all.  The numbers presented there are mostly to show an interest trend rather than something to plan a campaign around.

The Google Keyword Planner Tool does show more specific numbers for a given keyword and region, but the numbers are based on a monthly average on a global and local level. Almost all digital marketing agencies use this tool to find words beyond what you came up with on your own and to give an idea of how much traffic could come your way if you were doing everything right in your campaign, including having a budget large enough to cover the traffic, bidding properly, great quality score.

These tools aren't there for accuracy, because accuracy wouldn't help you as much as you think it would.

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Bryr de GraySEO TechnicianCommented:
Google's Keyword Planner will give you data on specific keywords (few years ago, Google showed specific figure but now they are showing ranges). As for the Trends, it doesn't really give a range on a keyword but it's more on the trend of a topic. These two tools have different usage but they're a deadly combination if you're looking for a niche or a topic to write in the future.
Scarlett WhitehouseTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for clearing my doubts
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