Cisco Firewall and Internet deployment

Hi all

I have1Cisco ASA 5525x, 1 3900 Router and 2 Internet connections. what is the best deployment method to supported what I have.

1. Should both Internet connections connect to Firewall Interfaces ?

2. Should  Both Internet connections connect to the Internet router ?

Any advice will be much appreciated.
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ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the Internet connections are basic connections delivered over Ethernet, I would have both connections terminate on the ASA.

If you are running BGP with PI space, then I would have the connections terminate on the router (running BGP on the router) and then use the PI space between the router and the ASA.
thombieAuthor Commented:
 The Internet circuit and the public I are provided by the ISP but I am inclined  to use the router.
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