Index of Contacts in Outlook 2007 is broken and won't rebuild

I have a client that uses Outlook 2007. They have an on premise Exchange 2013. This user is the primary account that has all of the contacts and has shared them out to the other four users in the network. When you go to Contacts in Outlook, you can scroll down and see all of the intended names correctly. If you search for a contact, some of them are not indexed. An example I am using my name. I can see my name in the contacts list but cannot see the name when searching all contacts.

I have also logged into the OWA under this persons name and found the same issues. The other clients that have the contacts shared to them is working as intended although they only have read permissions to the contacts.

I have rebuilt the index on Windows 7. I have triggered the indexing inside of outlook to try to rebuild that index. I have also attempted to roll back updates prior to recent security updates for windows to see if it was a failed update. I have also exported all of the contacts to a CSV file on the desktop and can be searched properly with excel. I then tried to re-import them back and overwrite them but it made no difference.

I have exhausted all ideas and research on the net I can find. Does anyone have any golden information to offer to fix this?
James BunchSystems EngineerAsked:
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timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
good you can see them in excel with the export. I would suggest getting rid of outlook 2007 especially since you are using exchange 2013. actually I don't even think outlook 2007 is recommended by Microsoft with exchange 2013. you should upgrade to at least outlook 2013.

The user is most likely in cache mode so I  would recommended recreating the user outlook profile and then them import the contacts back into outlook once you recreate the profile. Also why does this user have to share the contacts. why not add the contacts to the global address list in exchange 2013 and that way the user don't have to share out the contacts because in the GAL all the other users will be able to see them with out the user being involved.

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James BunchSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
I agree with you, however they did this for some years before asking me to help. I dont know why they didnt use the GAL. Would have saved issues. The Outlook 2007 is also an issues I know of and have recommended Office 365 to get away from it. However the issues still remains and I need to assist if possible.

My only concern with readding the profile back is currently that if I log into the OWA and look at the contacts list on the server it does the same thing. I can see the objectives but not search for them. I cannot determine that its localized to his outlook profile, or at least it doesn't seem that way.

With the contacts he has on the server, if I wipe his data file and clear out the outlook 2017 profile data, when I resync him back it should import those contacts by default correct? Even tho I have them in the CSV file it shouldn't need them?
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
recreating the profile will still have the contacts. for some reason if it didn't then you can re-import them. Agreed since those contacts are local to the user even OWA wouldn't search it correctly. reprofile may help. even in the reprofile you can keep the old profile if you need to go back to it. reprofile first and let me know and then we can try other things.
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
actually I don't even think outlook 2007 is recommended by Microsoft with exchange 2013. you should upgrade to at least outlook 2013.

Office 2007 reached end of life support on Oct 2017.  It always was supported with Exchange 2013 until that date.

If you can, upgrade to Office 2016 or just utilize OWA.

If you are using Exchange 2013 and the issue is in OWA too, have you attempted to rebuild the content index for the Exchange DBs?
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