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Network share, security

Work at a 35 user business, where many files are shared. Some files are on a NAS box, and some just shared on one of the servers (2003, and 2012) We have used mapped drives for years, but with the arrival of crypto malware, trying to minimize potential damage, when a user gets infected. My thought was to set up batch file to open share, with no drive letter mapping, such as
start \\servername\share user:name password. The result is the share folder opens, and they have accesss to what they want, and when browse window is closed, connection ends. Except, it really doesn't, because after first time opening and closing, we can now just browse to the share, and open without credentials, as session evidently doesn't actually terminate.
I also work for three small schools, with the same situation, I am trying to resolve.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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