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Hi All

I have a query based on a simple table.

In the query one of the rows has a row count function:

SELECT RowCounter(CStr([Item_ItemNumber]) & [DN],False,CStr([Item_ItemNumber]) & [DoorType]) AS RowID, tblTemp1.Item_ItemNumber, tblTemp1.Sets_ItemNumber, tblTemp1.DoorType, tblTemp1.Batch, tblTemp1.Location, tblTemp1.DN, tblTemp1.Result, tblTemp1.ID
FROM tblTemp1
WHERE (((RowCounter(CStr([Item_ItemNumber]) & [DN],False,CStr([Item_ItemNumber]) & [DoorType]))=1));

You would imagine that with one row in the table that the row count would be 1 but the query seem to be using a row number from a previous record set where  that row was allocated a different number. It's as if it will not let go of that previous number.

Just to save wasting your time I have had very long conversations on EE about why I need row numbers. The purpose is not aesthetical it serves a very specific purpose that is very long winded, too long for this question.
Derek BrownMDAsked:
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
You would imagine that with one row in the table that the row count would be 1 [..]
Nope, cause RowCounter() seems to be a custom function...
Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:
I'll Check it Ta
Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:
You are correct. Forgot I did this and can't see whats wrong with it, any ideas or do I need to send the entire thing? (It's Huge)
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
You're only allowed to call it once per key. What is your order criteria for your groups?

As far as I see, you want the first [Item_ItemNumber] & [DN] per [Item_ItemNumber] & [DoorType]? Is ID the primary key?

Then this should do it:

SELECT O.Item_ItemNumber, O.Sets_ItemNumber, O.DoorType, O.Batch, O.Location, O.DN, O.Result, O.ID
FROM tblTemp1 O
	FROM tblTemp1 I
	WHERE I.[Item_ItemNumber] = O.[Item_ItemNumber] 
		AND I.[DoorType] = O.[DoorType]
	ORDER BY CStr([Item_ItemNumber]) & [DN] ASC

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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Are you using this for a form or a report.

You can get a row counter for a report by simply adding an unbound textbox, setting it's ControlSource to: =1, and then setting the RunningSum property of the Textbox to either "Over All" or "Over Group".

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Here's the link to the previous question and code: RowCounter

The function is so clever that It stores the row number for an ID once it is read. This way it can read back the numbers at extreme speed when browsing as only one reading of the records is needed.

What you need is to reset the counter. How to do this, is explained in the in-line comments:

' Usage (typical select query):
'   SELECT RowCounter(CStr([ID]),False) AS RowID, *
'   FROM tblSomeTable
'   WHERE (RowCounter(CStr([ID]),False) <> RowCounter("",True));
' Usage (with group key):
'   SELECT RowCounter(CStr([ID]),False,CStr[GroupID])) AS RowID, *
'   FROM tblSomeTable
'   WHERE (RowCounter(CStr([ID]),False) <> RowCounter("",True));
' The Where statement resets the counter when the query is run
' and is needed for browsing a select query.

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You'll see, that you must either modify your query to follow this syntax or - between your calls of the query - reset the counter manually:

RowCounter "",True

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Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:
I will try that tomorrow.  Thanks All
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Answer provided.
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