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Subform adds always two records instead of only one...

My subform always adds one record too many.. and not sure way. I always have two records although in the datasheet i only see one. As soon as I save the form a second record is created with zero values. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.. Thanks for any help!
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Ares Kurklu
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You need to know where exactly the problem is, are there duplicate entries in the tables? in that case the program may be inserting twice
or there can be a problem with the display query it may be displaying it twice if there is something wrong with the join.
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The problem is caused by code behind your form.  You are dirtying a record and saving it and then the user is doing the same.  Please post all the code behind the form and we'll help you figure it out.
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Hi Pat, I'm really at a loss. I can't find anything special.. I call the Subform from an existing subform as follows:

Call OpenFrame("frmResRates",  acNormal, "", "ResId=" & Me.RESID, IIf(Me.AllowEdits, acFormEdit, acFormReadOnly), acWindowNormal)

OpenFrame is a SUB used to openframes and validate user rights. In the Load() sub of the opened framed, I only have the following code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
' Show Form in correct Language
Call FormTranslate("frmResRates", "3", gUser.Lang)
Call SubFormTranslate("frmResRates", "ResRatesSubform", "4", Nz(gUser.Lang, "EN"))

' Check if read only
Call FormDisable("frmResRates", "ResRatesSubform", Me.AllowEdits)

' Fill in Default Data
Me.xGuestName = Forms!frmResGroup!frmResDetails!xGuestName
Me.RESID = Forms!frmResGroup!frmResDetails!RESID
End Sub

And the Save button only has a DoCmd.Close command. That's it... Any help would be tremendeously appreciated...
I just saw - the error only occurs if I click into the subform and change something. In this case it will add two rows while if I just save it immediately only one row gets saved....
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Pat - you were absolutely right... I had a duplicate ID field which caused the problem.. Everything is working fine now.. Thank you for your help!
You're welcome.