Subform adds always two records instead of only one...

My subform always adds one record too many.. and not sure way. I always have two records although in the datasheet i only see one. As soon as I save the form a second record is created with zero values. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.. Thanks for any help!
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Ares KurkluSoftware EngineerCommented:
You need to know where exactly the problem is, are there duplicate entries in the tables? in that case the program may be inserting twice
or there can be a problem with the display query it may be displaying it twice if there is something wrong with the join.
The problem is caused by code behind your form.  You are dirtying a record and saving it and then the user is doing the same.  Please post all the code behind the form and we'll help you figure it out.
mpimAuthor Commented:
Hi Pat, I'm really at a loss. I can't find anything special.. I call the Subform from an existing subform as follows:

Call OpenFrame("frmResRates",  acNormal, "", "ResId=" & Me.RESID, IIf(Me.AllowEdits, acFormEdit, acFormReadOnly), acWindowNormal)

OpenFrame is a SUB used to openframes and validate user rights. In the Load() sub of the opened framed, I only have the following code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
' Show Form in correct Language
Call FormTranslate("frmResRates", "3", gUser.Lang)
Call SubFormTranslate("frmResRates", "ResRatesSubform", "4", Nz(gUser.Lang, "EN"))

' Check if read only
Call FormDisable("frmResRates", "ResRatesSubform", Me.AllowEdits)

' Fill in Default Data
Me.xGuestName = Forms!frmResGroup!frmResDetails!xGuestName
Me.RESID = Forms!frmResGroup!frmResDetails!RESID
End Sub

And the Save button only has a DoCmd.Close command. That's it... Any help would be tremendeously appreciated...
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mpimAuthor Commented:
I just saw - the error only occurs if I click into the subform and change something. In this case it will add two rows while if I just save it immediately only one row gets saved....
You didn't post the code behind the subform.  Look for code that requeries the form or refreshes it or sets the Dirty property to True.  Those all as a SIDE Effect cause a record to be saved.

Looks to me as though you have experience programming in some other environment and are attempting to make Access work the way your other tool worked.  My advice is DON'T.  Access is a RAD tool and you will have the best success with it if you understand that and do things the "Access way".

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mpimAuthor Commented:
Pat - you were absolutely right... I had a duplicate ID field which caused the problem.. Everything is working fine now.. Thank you for your help!
You're welcome.
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