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I have a excel sheet where I am trying to get results based on some values user seelcts from the drop-down box. But for some reason my one cell is not outputing the correct values. It seems it is showing the same value no matter when I change the value in the dropdown box. Can somebody please help me resolve this issue. Cell E16 is the formula which is not working and the formula is =(671*(E13*100/E5))/100. I have attached the excel sheet
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小桂 陳Commented:
E13 =>  ROUND(E5/((E7/E6)+1),0)  


E16 = 228.14000
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
I checked it and it works fine.  if you don't change E6 and E7 values then the result in E16 will not change even if you change E5.  because E5 and E13 have a direct relation ( if you double or triple E5 then E13 also will double or triple) and since one of them is numerator and the other is denominator so the result will keep intact.  if you don't change E6 and E7 then always (E13/E5)=3 even if you change E5 value.

Check the file:
zolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your comments!!.

小桂 陳

Your feedback on changing the E13 did the trick, and now when I change the value in E5, I get the E16 values as expected. What was the issue can you please comment on it.


what you mentioned is what was my issue and wanted to resolve it. The reason is when I do the calculation on paper, I get the values but with excel it was not giving me those vvalues. But as 小桂 陳 commented, changing the folrmula for E13 did the tricl
zolfAuthor Commented:
Please comment,cheers!!
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