how do I find the handle of the Frame window..?

I'm trying to Create a Simple Frame window using CFrameWnd Class.  in the OnCreate() function I'm Writing  code to Create Button using CButton:: Create() function but in that function
it taking parent window handle do I find the handle of the Frame window..please help me.

CButton myBtn;
      afx_msg int OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lp)
            myBtn.Create("Click me",WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|BS_PUSHBUTTON,CRect(10,10,20,30),CFrameWnd::GetActiveView(),1);
            return 0;
thank you
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the handle of the mainframe window is assigned in the InitInstance member function of your App class which is derived from CWinApp.

for a SDI or MDI MFC application you will find a statement

m_pMainWnd = pMainFrame;

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after the mainframe was created.

you easily can retrieve the main window (as CWnd pointer) by calling AfxGetMainWnd() from anywhere in member functions of your MFC application.

CFrameWnd * pMainFrame = (CFrameWnd *)AfxGetMainWnd();

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if you don't have a SDI or MDI application, but a dialog-based mfc app, you better would make a new project where you decide either for single document or multi-document mfc application. only those really can handle windows derived from CFrameWnd without greater issues.

you need a cast as m_pMainWnd is only a CWnd * pointer in order to be usable for dialog-based mfc apps as well.

a window handle of the main window can be retrieved by

CWnd * pMainWnd = AfxGetMainWnd();
HWND mainHwnd = (pMainWnd != NULL)? pMainWnd->m_hWnd : (HWND)(NULL);

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the mainframe (and other mfc frame windows) are created by using a CMultiDocTemplate or CSingleDocTemplate helper class which makes a triple out of frame class, document class, and view class.

you may look into the InitInstance function to get familiar with that technique.

anyway, if you want to create a child frame to your main frame by means of a button click, you would use a CMultiDocTemplate helper variable rather than creating a single CFrameWnd. that is because each frame needs a document class (derived from CDocument) and a view class (derived from CView) in order to work properly and to be able to customize it.


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The MFC framework offers different ways to retrieve objects like frames, documents and frames. Frame windows can retrieved from a view by simply calling GetParent member function. As told, the main frame window of an MDI or SDI apllication can be retrieved from everywhere by calling AfxGetMainWnd function. Child frames of this main frame could be retrieved by enumerating the child windows of the main frame, although it might be easier to store a newly created child frame (pointer) into a member variable or into an array member of the mainframe class.

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