With a POP account on iphone, how do you get the sent items off the machine?

On an iphone that's being retired. Wife had pop account.  So sent mail from the phone is only on the iphone in the sent folder.  Doesn't come off with backups, right?

She wants to save those sent emails.

I was looking at 1 way - setup icloud email account on the phone. then i go into the pop account's sent folder.  chose edit, check 1 then move... choose the icloud inbox and it seems to go (graphic shows it dropping into that folder).  And it is not in the sent folder of the pop account anymore.

But it doesn't show in icloud account.

What am I doing wrong?  Is there a way to get those sent items back into the pop sent account?

Another way to do it?

i tried ifunbox but couldn't find mail folders.
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Wayne HerbertIT SpecialistCommented:
I can't comment on your iCloud issues but for backups, why not create a new email account as IMAP, and copy folders, emails to the new IMAP account.  Should copy to the IMAP email server and be available to any client that access the email account.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
yes, going forwards, we're setting her up with exchange / o365 (our own domain).

Am I wrong to think that imap isn't as good as exchange?
Wayne HerbertIT SpecialistCommented:
Exchange offers many more features than IMAP.  I'm on O365 myself, having finally given up my resistance to subscription pricing when my older PC died and I had to do something about ancient office.  I merely suggested IMAP since you could find real cheap IMAP solutions to take care of your immediate backup needs.

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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Did you login to the iCloud Mail web interface and see can you find the emails?? - https://www.icloud.com

I'd not recommend you copy to the SENT folder even if it was in the other SENT folder .. create a NEW folder inside the INBOX of iCloud and move the emails from the old SENT folder in there.

Copying emails can be fairly Internet/data intensive. Ensure the iPhone is on the WiFi and has a good signal and be patient and do the transfers in small batches.

You cannot get email back from a POP mailbox once you take them out.

Any chance there was a mackup of the iPhone on iTunes from before the point you started this process??  You could recover that.

To be honest IMAP via GMail or any good mail service or Excahnage are more or less equal in terms of the specific situation you are in .. you want a proper 2 way mail sync service rather than POP.

Is there any chance the mail service currently on the ipHone also supports IMAP .. in that case maybe you DO NOT need to move the email but simply re-add the mailbox as IMAP instead??
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