O365 Domain & AD Domain: can they be difference names

I have a Active Directory domain called:   abc.com.
We are going to get a O365 subscription and would like to name it a different name say:   CarSales.com

Can I still synchronize my on-premise domain with my new tenant:  CarSales.com, even though my on-premise domain name is:  abc.com?

We do not want to change the name of our on-premises AD name.
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Yes, you can

you don't need to change onpremise AD name

what you can do, you can register whatever your public / SMTP domain name to azure and create UPN for that domain with onpremise AD and change user UPN to reflect new domain.
Justin EvansCommented:
if your domain is abc.com you will have to add a UPN that matches your domain name for office 365,  so for your example the answer is no,  you cannot go from abc.com to carsales.com.  more like o365.abc.com as an extra UPN.

hope this helps

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