Deploy vmware tool using update manager

Do anyone have a step-by-step instruction as for how to deploy vmware tool to the VMs using Update Manager?
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Keelyn HenningConnect With a Mentor IT System AdministratorCommented:
VMware Update Manager: Immediate, scheduled, or on boot

VMware Update Manager (VUM) has two very different roles to play when it comes to updating VM Tools. The first one has to do with fetching updated VM Tools ISOs in the form of the ‘tools-light’ VIB that is offered when needed in the normal ESXi patch stream. This patch is then pushed out to all managed hosts according to baselines established by administrators. Once this occurs, individual VMs will begin to detect that a new version of VM Tools is available and will be eligible for update.
The second role VUM has in managing VM Tools is to trigger updates for individual VMs according to baselines. Keep in mind that VUM does this work by leveraging the vSphere methods described in the two previous sections. In one mode, VUM can be used to make a bulk configuration change to multiple VMs so that a Tools update is checked and performed as necessary on each guest reboot, just like an administrator can do using the technique shown in #1 above. The advantage of using VUM is that many VMs can be configured or un-configured for this option at once.
The other mode VUM uses is to trigger a VM Tools update either immediately or at a scheduled time, just as an administrator can do manually as described in #2 above. One added benefit of using VUM to initiate these updates in this way is the ability to also remediate powered-off or suspended VMs, subsequently returning them to their initial state after update.
Keelyn HenningIT System AdministratorCommented:
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