How to alias a users name to a generic email address

We hired "joe" a while back and gave him a generic email address "".  Now that Joe has been here a while, we want him to have "", but we want those emails to arrive at "".  How can we do that?

At some point we would like to get rid of the email address, but that would be a while before we would do that, as there are many vendors using the to email Joe.

Ideally any email being sent to "" would arrive in the inbox of "".  

We use Exchange 2007 on our SBS 2008 and the user's workstation is running Outlook 2007.
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yo_beeConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
You can do this from with EMC.

Leave the original address as the default address so when creating new email. Once you feel it's time to change to Joe go back in to the recipient and change this to joe as the default.  

I would not remove the original address just In case some old contacts do not have the new address.
Jason CrawfordConnect With a Mentor Transport NinjaCommented:
Here is the EMS version:

Set-Mailbox -PrimarySmtpAddress

Open in new window

This will set as the primary and leave as an alias.  The key difference with this method is email sent by Joe will show his address.
timgreen7077Connect With a Mentor Exchange EngineerCommented:
This can be achieved by doing the following:

Start the Exchange Management Console.

In the console tree, expand Recipient Configuration, and then click Mailbox.

In the result pane, select the mailbox for which you want to add a new e-mail address.

In the action pane, under the mailbox name, click Properties.

In Mailbox User Properties, click the E-mail addresses tab.

To create a new e-mail address, under E-mail Addresses, perform one of the following tasks:

To create a new Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address, click Add. In SMTP Address, in the E-mail address box, type the e-mail address. By default, the E-mail type is set to SMTP. Click OK.

If you would like to change the reply address to the new alias so that the recipient will see the new email when they receive and email from joe loom at this 50 second video to show how to do this.
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